How Canadians do business is changing and to stay competitive while growing, small and medium-sized businesses need to adopt new digital tools.  To help with these digital changes, the Government of Canada announced the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) which was a part of the 2021 federal budget.

“Our government is partnering with Canadians to invest, grow and succeed in the global economy.”

-The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development

The intention of the CDAP program is to help support small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that need to make digital adoption a priority to survive in this new digital age. The CDAP is committing $1.4 billion in investments over a four-year period, which began in 2021, that will be delivered through two components:

Grow Your Business Online is structured to support small businesses leverage e-commerce opportunities through micro-grants; and Boost Your Business Technology is geared towards helping businesses that require more advanced technological updates, such as industrial companies in processing and manufacturing.

Grow Your Business Online

For smaller, consumer-facing businesses, including those in service industries, Grow Your Business Online grants will help them adopt e-commerce technologies. For-profit businesses, including co-operatives and social enterprises, are eligible for this $2,400 micro-grant. Businesses must also be registered or incorporated and have at least one employee. Up to 90,000 small businesses will be supported by Grow Your Business Online grants.

The $2,400 micro-grant can be used to cover the costs associated with a range of activities, including website development, search engine optimization, subscription fees for e-commerce platforms, and social media advertising. The application intake period for this program is now open.

Boost Your Business Technology

The Boost Your Business Technology component of the Canadian Digital Adoption Program is providing SMEs with the opportunity to use government funding support to strategically adopt new technologies for business. Food processing operations, manufacturing companies, service providers, and other industry stakeholders will be partnered with digital advisors that have been vetted and approved by the CDAP. Collaboratively, both parties will work to develop a digital adoption plan to reach an articulated goal in a timely fashion. This component is offering grants that will cover up to 90% of eligible costs for up to $15,000 to organize and implement a digital adoption initiative for SMEs. The Boost your Business Technology application is now open.

Learn More About Government Funding Opportunities

To start your digital transformation journey, visit the Canada Digital Adoption Program.

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